Google Classroom Vocabulary App

Google Classroom App for Vocabulary

Use Google Classroom with VocabularyStars! You can quickly roster students, assign homework, quizzes and tests and sync grades.

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Google Classroom Features

  • Roster Students
  • Assign Homework
  • Assign Quizzes
  • Assign Tests
  • Sync Grades

Rostering Students

  • Select Students > View / Add / Edit / Delete Students
  • Click Import my Students from Google Classroom
  • Select a course (students must have joined this course to be rostered)
  • Accept all permissions so we can roster and sync grades
  • Once students have been imported, they can log in to Vocabulary Stars directly with their Google user id and password

Roster Students via Google Classroom

Online Vocabulary Quiz Maker

How to Assign Exercises to Google Classroom

  • Assign Work
  • Select Assign Homework/Test/Quiz
  • Click on the item you want to assign
  • Click entire class, group or individual
  • Click Assign and schedule a start and end time
  • Lists in the "Live" box can be seen by students

Assign Tests, Quizzes or Homework

Assigning Tests, Quizzes or Homework For Google Classroom

How to Sync Grades with Google Classroom

  • Select the Exercise
  • Click Create Reports
  • Scroll down to View Reports
  • Sync Grades

Sync Grades to Google Classroom

Sync Grades to Google Classroom