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Giving your vocabulary tests online has never been more accessible or affordable! Add your students and vocabulary lists, then use our vocabulary test generator to select question types. Teachers can create a test with definitions, sentences, antonyms, synonyms, and part of speech (or any combination of these question types). These tests are stored for teachers year after year, making it easy to reuse or edit at any time. After you build your test, you can assign it to your students. If you are using Google Classroom, we can post your assignment on Google Classroom for you. Once your students have taken the test, it will be graded instantly and scores will be stored in reports. Teachers save hours every week by giving tests online and syncing grades to Google Classroom with one click of a button.

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Teacher Benefits

  • Our Vocabulary Test Generator is highly flexible and easy to use. Select question types and our program creates a test for you!
  • Vocabulary Stars grades tests for you automatically.
  • Sync Grades with Google Classroom with one click.
  • Teachers can view student reports easily at any time.
  • Parents can help children log in from home to practice vocabulary. Vocabulary Stars works on computers, iPads, or phones with an internet connection.
  • Privacy. Each child has an individual user id and password, so no one sees the other student’s grades or lists.
  • Use volunteers for other classroom activities besides grading.
  • Student vocabulary words are private.
  • Go paperless and give tests online, or print your tests and give them offline.
  • Introduce more technology into the classroom.
  • Store vocabulary lists, tests, quizzes, and homework year to year.
  • Save time! Many teachers save 1-2 hours a week using Vocabulary Stars.
  • We support American English, British English, Canadian English, and Australian English.
  • Vocabulary Stars is perfect for English as a Second Language Students ( ESL / ELL )

Vocabulary Test Generator - Make Customized Tests!

Online Vocabulary Test Generator