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Tired of grading vocabulary homework packets? Create an online packet and assign them to students. Students can save their work to submit later. Google Classroom users are also able to sync homework grades back to Google Classroom effortlessly. Save time and paper by having students complete their vocabulary homework online.

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Vocabulary Homework Maker

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Vocabulary Homework with Vocabulary Stars Direct

Utilize Vocabulary Stars to create and assign homework for your class. The platform allows you to plan and schedule assignments in advance. Students, upon logging in, will find their homework assignments listed under the 'To Do List'. They have the flexibility to progress through the assignment at their own pace and save their work as they go, submitting it only when fully completed. Vocabulary Stars also enables you to assign specific point values to each question. A key feature of this system is its ability to automatically grade the homework, thus providing a significant time-saving benefit for teachers and homeschoolers.

Vocabulary Homework for Google Classroom

Create your homework on Vocabulary Stars and assign it to your class via Google Classroom. Your students will see a description and a link to come to Vocabulary Stars to start working on their homework assignment. Students can work on their assignment and save progress, too! Once complete, their homework will be graded. Once you are ready, you can sync homework grades back to Google Classroom. We even allow you to assign points per section.