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Giving your vocabulary quizzes online. It's easy to make a vocabulary quiz online with our online quiz generator. Simply add your list or import one of our vocabulary lists and select the question types that you would like to use. Once you do, you can select which words will be part of the quiz. Then, just assign your quiz to your students and the program will grade your quiz instantly. Our online vocabulary quiz maker saves teachers time every week by grading papers for you.

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Our Quiz Maker Will Save You Time!

  • Our Vocabulary Test generator is flexible and you can select all or some of the words from your list. You can also select only one question type or a variety.
  • Vocabulary Stars grades your quizzes for you automatically.
  • Sync quiz grades with Google Classroom with one click.
  • Teachers can view student reports easily at any time.
  • Students can take quizzes at home or at school. Vocabulary Stars works on computers, iPads, or phones with an internet connection.
  • Privacy. Each child has an individual user id and password, so no one sees the other student’s grades or quizzes.
  • Use volunteers for other classroom activities (not grading papers).
  • Go paperless and give your quizzes online, or print your quiz and give them offline.
  • Introduce more technology into the classroom.
  • Store vocabulary lists, tests, quizzes, and homework year to year.
  • Save time! Many teachers save 1-2 hours a week using Vocabulary Stars.
  • We support American English, British English, Canadian English, and Australian English.
  • Vocabulary Stars is perfect for English as a Second Language Students ( ESL / ELL )

Our Vocabulary Quiz Maker is Easy to Use

Online Vocabulary Quiz Maker