5th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 1

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
erasure The removal of recorded data. The erasure of all the data confused the programmers. deletion, eradication, cancellation Noun
character A person in a story. The main character of the story lived on a farm. person, figure Noun
relevant Connected to what is currently happening. Without relevant information, the police won't be able to catch the criminal. applicable, pertinent, important trivial, irrelevant Adjective
strenuous Requiring hard work. The strenuous work she's doing will give her a backache. difficult, arduous, demanding easy, effortless Adjective
nutrition The intake of food that is necessary for health. Good nutrition and exercise is important for a healthy lifestyle. nourishment, diet, subsistence Noun
ethical Relating to ethical or moral standards. An ethical person is honest and kind. moral, righteous, principled corrupt, unjust Adjective
nomad People who have no permanent home and who wander from place to place. The nomad follows his herd of caribou when they migrate. migrant, pilgrim, wanderer Noun
uptight Anxious and tense or rigidly controlling. Don't be so uptight; we're supposed to be having fun! nervous, uneasy, apprehensive easygoing, calm, laid-back Adjective
currently At the present time. I'm currently busy, so I'll text you later. now, directly, pronto Adverb
scary Causing fear. The scary movie made me cover my eyes. frightening, creepy, terrifying calming, soothing Adjective

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