5th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 14

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
prosper To succeed; be fortunate. Lemon trees prosper in warm climates. flourish, thrive, benefit fail Noun
aqueduct An artificial channel that moves water. The aqueduct supplied the city with fresh water. canal, conduit, pipeline Noun
prehistoric Relating to a time before written records. The tourists took photos of the prehistoric cave paintings. ancient, primitive, earliest Adjective
transported Carried or taken from one place to another. The wind turbine blades were transported by train. hauled, moved, transferred Verb
category A class or group of people or things possessing like qualities. The wrestlers were put into a category based on their weight. classification, type, group Noun
gleaming Giving off or reflecting light. He showed off his big, gleaming smile after he came back from the dentist's office. bright, glassy, polished dull, dark Adjective
cheerful Happy or optimistic. The songbirds sound cheerful this morning. chipper, enthusiastic, perky gloomy, sad Adjective
inspect Look closely at someone or something. She got closer to the ground to inspect the footprint. check, examine, review overlook Verb
closely With little space between. The crowd at the festival was closely packed near the stage. tight, solid, confined loosely Adverb
lively Full of life. The family played a lively game of cards after dinner. energetic, busy, active inactive Adjective

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