5th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 3

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
universal Applicable to all cases; occurring everywhere. A universal charger works with all computers. global, broad, common exclusive, limited Adjective
democracy A system of government by the majority of the population, typically through elected representatives. A democracy is a form of government that is ruled by the people. equality, freedom Noun
critical Expressing disapproval. The professor was critical of his students' homework. fault-finding, demeaning, finicky praising Adjective
opinion A belief or judgment that's not necessarily based on fact. My opinion is that yellow is better than blue. assumption, feeling, inclination fact Noun
glamorous Sophisticated in style; fashionable. The glamourous clothes were worn by wealthy people. alluring, charming, classy ugly, unfashionable Adjective
publish Prepare and issue media for public sale or distribution. He's going to publish a book of poems. print, circulate, distribute Verb
regarding With respect to; concerning. He called regarding the free guitar lessons. respecting, concerning, about Preposition
outlier Something or someone that stands apart from a particular group or set. Erick is an outlier among his friends; he prefers soccer over tennis. oddity, exception, anomaly Noun
gladiator A trained fighter against other people or wild animals. The Romans cheered the gladiator as he entered the arena. combatant, fighter Noun
inspector An official employed to inspect something. The food safety inspector checked the meat. examiner, investigator, detective Noun

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