5th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 25

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
flop Fall or move loosely. She made a great effort to flop on the couch with a big, dramatic sigh. dangle, sag, droop Verb
plummet Fall quickly. Nighthawks plummet toward the ground in fantastic aerial displays, causing air to rush through their primary feathers, which results in a zooming sound. crash, collapse, dive ascend Verb
grieving Showing grief; suffering. The grieving widow wore black. aching, bereavement, lamenting Verb
angle The point at which two straight lines meet, usually measured in degrees. The longest side of a triangle is opposite the largest angle. corner, edge Noun
traditional Following long-established customs. She wore a traditional ceremonial costume for the festival. classical, customary, time-honored modern Adjective
diversity Being composed of different elements. Considering its relatively small population, there's a surprising amount of cultural diversity in this city. variety, difference, assortment uniformity, similarity Noun
stereotype An oversimplified idea of a type of person or thing. Her appearance doesn't fit the stereotype of an aspiring actress. cliche, standard idea Noun
oasis A fertile area in an arid region. They thought they saw an oasis in the desert, but it was only a mirage. Noun
wrath Extreme anger. He abandoned the prank because he wanted to avoid the teacher's wrath. fury, exasperation, rage glee Noun
colorful Having many bright colors. The island is covered in colorful flowers. multicolored, vibrant, vivid dull, colorless, faded Adjective

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