5th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 5

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
cope Deal with and try to overcome difficulties and problems. Practicing jiu-jitsu helps him cope with stress. manage, endure, handle surrender, yield Verb
ancestors Predecessors in family, typically more remote than grandparents. Thanks to technology, my family can see records of our ancestors from a thousand years ago. forebears, forefathers, tribe Noun
communal For common use; shared. The tenants share a communal pool and gym. collective, shared, common individual, private Adjective
veteran A person who has served in the military or who has long experience in a particular field. My grandpa was a Vietnam veteran. expert, seasoned, trained Noun
synthetic Produced by chemical synthesis, especially to imitate something natural. The synthetic fibers in my sweater make it look sparkly. artificial, manufactured, counterfeit genuine, natural Adjective
welfare The happiness or well-being of a person or people. He's looking out for his own financial welfare by doing research on how to manage his money. benefit, prosperity, contentment Noun
facet An aspect, feature, or surface of something. My family supports me in every facet of my life. appearance, character, face Noun
polished Made glossy and smooth by rubbing. Wiping off the dust revealed the polished surface of the table. glossy, shiny, glistening dull, unpolished Adjective
envy A feeling of discontent caused by awareness of someone else's advantages combined with a desire to have the same advantages. She couldn't help but feel a stab of envy when she saw their big, comfortable house. bitterness, jealousy, resentment Noun
enforce Compel compliance with a rule or law. They no longer tried to enforce the dress code because most people ignored it. implement, impose, require Verb

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