3rd Grade Vocabulary Words - List 6

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
culture Shared values by a society or people. In my culture, dancing and singing is important. Noun
prime The best quality, of the highest standard This is a prime cut of steak so it costs more. best, choice, elite worst, unimportant, inferior Adjective
organic Natural or not man-made, living. My shirts are made from organic cotton. natural unnatural, man-made Adjective
shimmy Quickly glide or move. The burglar could shimmy up the drainpipe with ease. wiggle Verb
whiff To smell something suddenly, an odor. The woman caught a whiff of smoke and reported it to the fire department. smell, odor, scent Verb
simplify To make easier. It's important to simplify the problem before solving it. clarify, streamline, reduce complicate, obscure Verb
compare To show similarities. Let's compare soccer to baseball in our speech. contemplate, observe, ponder separate, differentiate Verb
gestures Movements to express ideas or thoughts. His gestures made his story more believable. motion, mannerism expressionless, stoic Noun
creative Imaginative or ability to make something from ideas. Crafting is a good creative activity. imaginative, innovative, inventive uninspired, talentless, dull Adjective
vowel A vowel is a letter that makes the vowel sound of a, e, i, o, u. The letter E is a vowel. Noun

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