4th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 10

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
exponent One that advocates, supports, or practices an idea. I'm an exponent of cooking at home. champion, defender, backer antagonist, opponent Noun
expository To describe or explain. The board game manual contained expository directions explaining how to play. explanatory, critical, illustrative vague, confusing, unhelpful Adjective
flat Having a smooth, even surface. He needed a flat surface to build a gingerbread house. level, smooth, horizontal uneven, rough, raised Adjective
polygon A shape with three or more sides. A triangle and a hexagon are both examples of a polygon. shape, form Noun
definitely Without a doubt or absolutely. He definitely said this was the right address. certainly, surely, obviously questionably, doubtfully, indefinitely Adverb
fraction A small amount of something. This room contains only a small fraction of my game collection. part, chunk, portion whole, total, entirety Noun
distinct Clearly different or noticeable. There was a distinct drop in temperature when the sun went down. obvious, apparent, specific vague, obscure, uncertain Adjective
dissatisfactory Causing dissatisfaction or lacking. Her performance on the test was dissatisfactory because she hadn't studied. unsatisfactory, disappointing, insufficient satisfactory, adequate, sufficient Adjective
divisor A number by which another number is divided. 3 is a divisor of 15. Noun
preeminent Having importance or superior. She's a preeminent artist in her genre, and many artists copy her style. dominant, peerless, ultimate inferior, ordinary, insignificant Adjective

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