4th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 25

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
strategy A plan of action to achieve a goal. Her only strategy was to smile and nod. game plan, scheme, design Noun
strongly With great strength or energy. I strongly disagree with your opinion. powerfully, firmly, greatly weakly, insignificantly Adverb
chronicle A written account of events in order of their occurrence. The explorer kept a daily chronicle of the fantastic places he'd seen. diary, narrative, account Noun
mean The average of a set of values. The mean of 2, 7, and 9 is 6. average, balance, middle Noun
whatever Indicating a lack of limitation on an amount or thing. She's going to do whatever she wants. whatsoever, anything, everything Pronoun
sedentary Spending a lot of time sitting or inactive. My sedentary lifestyle is making me unhealthy. motionless, inactive, lazy mobile, active, energetic Adjective
appease Calm or placate someone. We ended the party early to appease our neighbors. pacify, satisfy, assuage agitate, provoke, irritate Verb
quadrant Any of four parts into which a plane is divided. Her house is in the northwest quadrant of the city. quarter, one-fourth, part whole Noun
syllable A unit of pronunciation having one or more vowel sounds, with or without consonant sounds, forming some or all of a word. Scrunched is a word with only one syllable. speech sound Noun
fierce Intensely aggressive. You'd better steer clear of Max when he's got that fierce look on his face. menacing, violent, ferocious indifferent, calm, dull Adjective

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