4th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 7

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
virtually Almost completely. The teacher had virtually given the entire class an A. all but, almost, just about completely, entirely, fully Adverb
sentiment A view, thought, or judgment, mainly based on emotion rather than reason. Everyone on the baseball team shared a similar sentiment about the game's result. thought, opinion, feeling indifference Noun
observant Being perceptive and conscious of detail. They were looking for someone observant and detail-oriented for the job. attentive, focused, watchful careless, neglectful, unmindful Adjective
wedge An object with a thick and thin end that is used to separate. The carpenter used a wedge to split the wood. chunk, block, shim Adjective
vexed Feeling irritated or annoyed with something. The dog was vexed with the cat for stealing her food. annoyed, bitter, offended pleased, content, happy Adjective
naturally To be expected or characteristic. The moss had grown naturally on the north side of the tree trunk. instinctively, typically, characteristically unusually, artificially, strangely Adverb
enchanting Powerfully captivating, attractive, and delightful. The Aurora Borealis was enchanting in the Alaskan sky. charming, pleasant, lovely boring, bothering, repulsive Adjective
obsessed Having a relentless interest in a thing or idea. Ever since the air show, Helen was obsessed with airplanes. absorbed, preoccupied, fixated indifferent, unconcerned, disinterested Adjective
succulent A type of plant which grows thick leaves, usually to retain water in dry climates. She was told by the botanist to water her succulent every other week. Noun
poised Having a calm, composed attitude. The ballet dancer was poised and confident. collected, self-confident, coolheaded shy, unconfident, nervous Adjective

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