4th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 8

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
ecology A branch of science that focuses on organisms and their environments. I plan to study ecology, which is the study of organisms and their environment. conservation, preservation destruction Noun
procedure The steps to do something. The surgeon will perform the procedure for the class. method, operation, program Noun
saga A long story with a series of events. The saga begins in a wooded forest and ends at the top of a mountain. legend, epic, adventure Noun
expectantly Waiting for someone or something with excitement. She waited expectantly with our name on a sign and flowers. earnestly, gladly, intently unwillingly, grudgingly, warily Adverb
collaboration To work with others. The science collaboration between the 4th and 5th graders won an award. alliance, partnership, association division, separation, opposition Noun
accentuated stress or single out as important The olive green sweater accentuated the model's green eyes. emphasize, highlight, spotlight understate, mask, play down Verb
narrative An account of events or a story. The author wrote a narrative detailing his life as a reporter. story, account, chronicle Noun
diligent Being extra careful and hardworking. The diligent nurse checked every student hourly. conscientious, earnest, industrious careless, lazy, neglectful Adjective
sentries A soldier that stands guard. The sentries stood near the gates of the city to protect it. guard, watchman, sentinel Noun
significantly In an important and substantial manner. My test grade went up significantly after studying. really, substantially, truly doubtfully, partially, superficially Adverb

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