4th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 29

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
exhausted Drained of mental or physical energy; very tired. We were exhausted after our six-mile hike. drained, weak, wearied energized, invigorated Adjective
disturbed Having its normal routine or activity disrupted. I'm sorry I disturbed your nap, but your snoring was rattling the windows. upset, bother, agitate cheer, comfort Verb
selfish Concerned only with one's own interests. Kat was in a selfish mood and refused to share her tater tots. greedy, self-centered caring, benevolent Adjective
inspiration Being stimulated to do something, especially to be creative. My mother was the inspiration for this poem. idea, encouragement, motivation Noun
notion A belief about something. Randy's notion of a good dinner was very different than mine. thought, idea, concept Noun
volume The amount of space a thing occupies. Estimate the volume of candies in this jar. amount, capacity, quantity Noun
evidently Plainly; in a way that's clear. He's evidently skilled at popping and locking. clearly, apparently, obviously doubtfully Adverb
cumbersome Heavy or large and difficult to move or use. This helmet is cumbersome but it protects my head from injury. awkward, inconvenient, clumsy graceful, convenient Adjective
essential Extremely necessary; vital. It's essential that you look both ways before crossing the street. crucial, needed, important auxiliary, minor, trivial Adjective
surrendered Give up; cease resistance. She surrendered to the impulse; she put down the textbook and started scrolling through social media. resigned, abandoned, submitted fought Noun

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