4th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 12

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
atrocious Extremely wicked or brutal. Working conditions in factories in the early nineteen hundreds were atrocious. terrible, appalling, detestable wonderful, good, admirable Adjective
decode To convert something into an understandable form. The archeologists tried to decode the message on the cave wall. translate, decipher, interpret encrypt, garble, encode Verb
retell To restate or say in a different way. She decided to retell her story from the beginning. reiterate, restate, echo withold, conceal Verb
quantitative Measurable in the form of quantity or amount. The scientist did a quantitative analysis of the research. quantifiable, calculable, measurable qualitative, unmeasurable, Adjective
technical Relating to the techniques of a specific subject or skill. The mechanic had more technical knowledge of engines than his apprentice. specialized, technological, methodological generalized, nonspecific, inexpert Adjective
within Inside of or into something. The children though they heard something within the barn. in, inside of, enclosed by, outside, beyond Preposition
ultimately In the end, or finally. A thousand more votes needed to be counted before they could ultimately decide the race. finally, conclusively, eventually never, at no time Adverb
therefore For that reason. His injury would take six weeks to heal, therefore he could not play the rest of the season. consequently, thus, hence however, despite, yet Adverb
biography A written history of a person's life. Abraham Lincoln's most well-known biography is written by David Donald. autobiography, memoir, life story Noun
inadvertently Done without intention. If you are sick, it is possible to inadvertently pass it on to others. accidentally, incidental, heedlessly intentionally, unplanned, deliberate Adverb

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