4th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 27

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
chronological Arranged in the order in which events happened. The photos are organized in chronological order. in consecutive time, sequential, in sequence Adjective
foremost First in position or importance. Getting some pizza in my belly is my foremost concern. chief, head, highest secondary, inferior, least Adjective
sputtered Utter hastily; emit excitedly with a spitting sound. After she heard the news, she sputtered in amazement. stumbled, stammered, stuttered Verb
aspire Direct one's ambitions towards accomplishing something. I aspire to be a millionaire before I'm 30 years old. hope, strive, pursue Verb
energetic Showing great vitality. The monkey was hooting with an energetic spirit. lively, spirited, vigorous dispirited, passive, idle Adjective
transcend Go beyond the limits of something. She will transcend society's expectations by working as a computer programmer. surpass, eclipse, beat fall behind, fail, surrender Verb
pungent Having a strong taste or smell. The pungent dog food made the whole room stink. aromatic, tangy, highly flavored bland Adjective
hydrated Cause to combine with water. It's important to stay hydrated when you're sweating. moistened, dampened, moisturized arid, thirsty, dehydrated Verb
offense An illegal act or resentment from a perceived insult. I didn't mean any offense. attack, injury, affront flattery, praise, respect Noun
gaudy Tastelessly showy. The decorations on their lawn are gaudy, but I like their spirit. flashy, garish, snazzy drab, modest, plain Adjective

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