4th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 16

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
rigorous Exercising or favoring extreme and exhaustive accuracy. The student had to undergo rigorous training to earn his pilot's license. accurate, meticulous, uncompromising flexible, inexact, lenient Adjective
demonstrated To explain or make evident by showing proof. They didn't believe she could do a backflip, so she demonstrated one for them. exhibit, prove, show refute, conceal, disprove, Verb
transformation The act or process of undergoing change into another state. The caterpillar was about to undergo its transformation into a butterfly. conversion, metamorphasis, change stagnation, preservation, unchanging Noun
predecessor The person who came before another person (in time). The governor planned to change many things his predecessor had done. forebear, antecedent, precursor successor, descendant, derivative Noun
modify To make a small change in something. After reading over the paragraph, she decided to modify her word choice. alter, change, revise remain, stagnate, leave alone Verb
protagonist The main character in a story. Wilbur is the protagonist in the novel "Charlotte's Web." hero, lead, heroine antagonist, foe, adversary Noun
collaborate To work together with others. The detectives had to collaborate to solve the crime. cooperate, coact, partner dissolution, disassociation, division Verb
pictograph A picture or symbol for a word or phrase. The archeologists tried to understand the pictograph in the pyramid. hieroglyphs, characters, pictures Noun
inequality The quality of being unequal or uneven. The inequality in funding for the schools was noticeable. unfairness, disparity, disproportion equality, impartiality, sameness Noun
abominable Unpleasant or detestable. The event was cancelled due to abominable weather. abhorrent, despicable, horrible delightful, good, lovely Adjective

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