4th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 24

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
passionate Showing strong feelings. She is passionate about singing in the choir. loving, ardent, eager apathetic, cold, indifferent Adjective
designate Specify or select someone or something. I will designate you as the crossing guard for the east side of the school. assign, nominate, appoint reject, deny Verb
usual Customarily or typically occurring. My usual morning routine involves eating cereal and brushing my teeth. typical, common, conventional abnormal, irregular, rare Adjective
deficient Not having enough; lacking. Scurvy is caused by eating a diet that's deficient in vitamin C. imperfect, faulty, defective sufficient, ample, enough Adjective
robust Strong and vigorous. The construction workers were robust and hardworking. healthy, strong, hearty fragile, lethargic, weak Adjective
architecture The art of designing buildings. He's studying gothic architecture. construction, building, planning Noun
belch Emit gas from the stomach through one's mouth. Drinking soda too quickly makes me belch. burp, spew, discharge Verb
diorama A miniature three-dimensional model. Jesse's diorama was a detailed representation of his favorite scene from the book. model, overview, representation Noun
whenever At whatever time. We can go to the park whenever you'd like. when, on any occasion Conjunction
author Composer of written work. The author wrote three books with the same main character. writer, creator, journalist Noun

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