4th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 22

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
hyperbole An extravagant overstatement. An example of hyperbole is saying that he texts me a thousand times a day. exaggeration, hype, enlargement understatement, lessening Noun
tyrant A person who dictates or is an absolute ruler. The tyrant was eventually put in jail for life. bully, despot, oppressor Noun
responsive Reacting quickly or answering. The company was responsive and replied to her email within a day. active, sensitive, aware ignorant, indifferent, senseless Adjective
plagiarism Copying someone's work or ideas. The teacher accused him of plagiarism because his essay was similar to an article on the Internet. piracy, falsification, appropriation originality Noun
personality Someone's traits and characteristics. Once you get to know Julia, you'll like her personality. identity, temper, nature Noun
variable Inconsistent or likely to change. The weather is variable at this time of year. shifting, fickle, volatile, stable, invariable, unchanging Adjective
mighty Possessing great strength and force, especially on account of size. The bear used his mighty claws to catch the salmon. strong, sturdy, robust weak, delicate, insignificant Adjective
dialogue Communication between two or more people. There was an honest dialogue between the parents and the children. discussion, conference, discourse quiet, monologue Noun
plural More than one. The plural form of goose is geese. multiple, dual, many singular Adjective
sufficient Enough to meet needs. I have a sufficient amount of canned food stored for an emergency. adequate, plentiful, ample meager, insufficient, deficient Adjective
interrogative Having the form of a question. An interrogative sentence ends with a question mark. inquisitive, questioning, curious Adjective
axis A fixed point around which something rotates. The Earth's axis is tilted at about 23.5 degrees. axle, hinge, pivot Noun

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