4th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 20

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
longitude The Measure of distance east or west of the prime meridian. New York City's longitude is at 40.7831° N. position, location, bearings latitude Noun
illustration A picture that helps make something easier to understand. To understand the passage better, Greg looked at the illustration. drawing, diagram definition, explanation Noun
distinctive Something unique to a person that makes them different. She had a distinctive laugh that everyone knew. original, unique, characteristic common, ordinary, regular Adjective
unsuspecting Not knowing or expecting. The unsuspecting man fell into the scammer's trap. innocent, inexperienced, trustful expecting, knowing, suspecting Adjective
metaphor A figure of speech where a word or phrase states one thing but means another. He is a real couch potato is an example of a metaphor. analogy, allegory, symbol Noun
effective Being capable of producing results with success. The teacher's policies were effective, and students would not bring their phones to class as a result. compelling, efficient, impressive incapable, incompetent, useless Adjective
venerable A quality of being revered or celebrated because of status, ability, or age. The venerable judge wrote his opinion of the case. respected, honored, wise common, disreputable, unimpressive Adjective
appearance The way someone looks. His appearance told us that he had slept in his clothes. image, display, presence Noun
horizontal A line that goes right to left or side to side. There are blue and white horizontal stripes on the sweater. level, flat, even vertical, perpendicular, upright Adjective
fluency Capable of speaking or writing in a foreign language well. She was tested on her fluency in French. expressiveness, fluid, facility inarticulate, not proficient Adjective

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