6th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 1

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
theory A set of beliefs intended to explain something. We looked for evidence to support our theory. belief, hypothesis, idea Noun
mention Refer to something. I didn't want to mention it for fear I might embarrass you. bring up, discuss, point out Verb
cottage A small house. She lives in a cute little cottage in the forest. tiny house, cabin, hut Noun
fearless Not afraid; brave. The taxi driver flew through heavy traffic as though he was completely fearless. bold, confident, gutsy afraid, cowardly, timid Adjective
sequins Shiny decorative disks sewn onto clothing. His jacket was trimmed with purple sequins. Noun
agony Intense physical or mental suffering. I ate the ice cream too quickly; now I'm in agony! anguish, misery, torment comfort, contentment Noun
sensational Causing public interest and excitement. She read the sensational headlines on the covers of the tabloids as she waited in line. startling, dramatic, shocking unremarkable Adjective
bumbling Acting in a confused way. These shoes are making me walk like a bumbling idiot! awkward, unskillful, inept Adjective
literature Written works. I think this book is my favorite piece of literature. essay, story, novel Noun
aghast Filled with surprise or horror. They were aghast at what they saw in the news report. appalled, amazed, shocked Adjective
politely In a respectful manner. She politely held the door open for her grandma. thoughtfully, cordially, kindly rudely Adverb
assess Evaluate the importance, value, or quality of something. Tests are only one way to assess a student's ability. appraise, check, estimate Verb
deceitful Giving false impressions; not honest. He's a deceitful jerk and shouldn't be trusted. dishonest, deceptive, false authentic, genuine, real Adjective
outrageous Very bold; shockingly bad. Their outrageous costumes caused a lot of fuss. brazen, scandalous, disgraceful clean, moral, acceptable Adjective
seriously In a solemn manner; earnestly. I'm seriously going to cancel my streaming subscription. sincerely, for real, soberly lightly, trivially Adverb

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