6th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 18

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
durable Able to withstand wear and tear. Denim is a durable material. strong, tough, sturdy fragile, delicate, brittle Adjective
murmur A soft, indistinct sound made by a group of people. The murmur died down as the orchestra began to play. whisper, muttering, chatter Noun
wary Marked by caution or avoidance of danger. She was wary of the amusement park ride. careful, skeptical, apprehensive reckless, careless, heedless Adjective
acumen Exceptional judgment and knowledge in a particular matter. She had the business acumen to get the job done. brilliance, insight, intellect naivete, unsophistication, witlessness Noun
query A moment of questioning. She said to submit their query to another department. question, inquiry, request answer, response, reply Noun
undertake To take upon oneself. Get your teacher's advice before you undertake this challenge. commence, initiate, tackle refuse, withdraw, retract Verb
allocation The act of distributing pieces of something to different areas or groups. The students were not happy with the allocation of the cookies. apportionment, allotment, issuance Noun
obscure Having an uncertain or veiled meaning. Ancient civilizations had obscure ideas about the origin of life. ambiguous, cryptic, vague clear, obvious, intelligible Adjective
discreet Cautious is one's speech or actions to avoid being seen or noticed. They sent a discreet invitation to their friends. hidden, concealed, unnoticeable visible, showy, conspicuous Adjective
overstate To exaggerate beyond the truth. The affluent man tended to overstate his income. embellish, overemphasize, overplay play down, belittle, minimize Verb
convex Having a surface curved like the exterior of a circle. The aquarium had a convex viewing window. protruding, bulbous, rounded concave, sunken, indented Adjective
barrage Heavy fire sustained from projectile objects. The roof was hit with a barrage of hail. bombardment, flurry, fusillade Noun
patronage The support or encouragement from an entity for an institution or cause. Many engage in patronage after winning large sums of money. support, endorsement, sponsorship Noun
intermission A time during which there is a temporary break between two halves of something. Let's get food during the intermission. break, recess, interlude Noun
unravel To separate the various pieces of something. As the evidence came in, the story began to unravel. resolve, untangle, decipher entangle, confuse Verb

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