6th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 16

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
tenure Holding something like an office, position, land or building. The professor had tenure at the university. occupancy, holding, administration Noun
amass To collect a lot of something. The young entrepreneur began to amass a great deal of wealth. accumulate, collect, stockpile divide, disburse, scatter Verb
agitated Feeling disturbed or shaken. The cat was agitated because the dog kept barking at it. upset, troubled, nervous calm, composed, relaxed Adjective
coup An overthrow of a government or other group. The coup resulted in a military dictatorship. revolution, mutiny, plot Noun
substantial Considerable in amount. There has been substantial evidence collected in the case. significant, considerable, ample insignificant, little, trivial Adjective
consensus An opinion based on a group discussion. The committee came to a consensus regarding the city parks. agreement, unanimity, unity Noun
isolated occurring alone or once The isolated cabin didn't have electricity or plumbing. remote, secluded, distant close, public, nearby Adjective
tension Emotional or physical imbalance or straining. There was tension in the group because of the constant bickering. pressure, stress, stretching calm, equilibrium, ease Noun
intuition The ability to understand or perceive something without using rational thought. The detective often relied on reason and intuition to solve cases. hunch, instinct, inspiration Noun
empathetic Being able to read the emotions of others and put yourself in their shoes. The nurse's empathetic nature made him a favorite among patients. gentle, sensitive, kind unfeeling, merciless, mean Adjective
fabricated To create or make something. The imaginative writer fabricated amazing stories about dragons and knights. invent, concoct, dream up destroy, divide, tell the truth Verb
supersede To replace or be more important. The needs of the many will supersede my own needs. supplant, overrule, usurp keep, retain, support Verb
imitate To model or echo something. The parrot was able to imitate our speech. copy, repeat, emulate be original Verb
postpone To put off until a later time. I'd like to postpone the bake sale until next week. reschedule, rearrange, suspend continue, further, advance Verb
scenario A possible sequence of events or actions. We've considered every possible scenario during the meeting. scheme, outline, plot Noun

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