6th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 20

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
phony Not real or genuine. The fashion critic believed the leather was phony. fake, counterfeit, fraudulent authentic, truthful, real Adjective
insinuate To express or indicate something bad in an indirect way. I don't mean to insinuate that I don't want the job. imply, illude, connote define, express, explain Verb
candid Straighforward or truthful. The scientist made a candid presentation of his findings. honest, open, frank biased, dishonest, tricky Adjective
invariably Happening in every case or occasion. My cousin is invariably generous on holidays. always, customarily, unfailingly never, seldom, somtimes Adverb
maneuver To perform movements requiring skill. Sharks are designed to maneuver quickly through the water. movement, measure, action Verb
inquire To ask a question. He waited after class to inquire about the subject. ask, request, query answer, reply, repond Verb
consecutive Following one after another. Each train ran consecutive to one another. successive, chronological, back-to-back intermittent, discontinuous, interupted Adjective
gander A brief look. Let me take a gander at your car engine. glance, peek, view Noun
dole A portion of money, food, or clothing given as charity A dole of meat and vegetables was distributed to the camp. share, ration, welfare Noun
surplus The quantity in excess after what is needed. There was a surplus in the budget for the year. leftover, spare, remaining Noun
savor To take pleasure in or save. She ate her meal slowly to savor the flavor. relish, enjoy, treasure Verb
incur To acquire or come into. The team expected to incur at least one loss this year. sustain, contract, earn forfeit, lose, pass Verb
occupation The main activity someone does as a job. My occupation is a firefighter. profession, vocation, craft Noun
calisthenics Exercises performed solely with body weight. Lewis preferred calisthenics since it was easier on his body. Noun
weary Physically or mentally tired. Her weary hands ached from yardwork. exhausted, fatigued, gassed energetic, refreshed, invigorated Adjective

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