6th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 7

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
panic Sudden fear causing frantic activity. The toilet paper shortages caused widespread panic. alarm, frenzy, hysteria composure, peacefulness Noun
performance The act of carrying out a task. He's no amateur in the performance of his duties. work, accomplishment, execution Noun
humid Containing relatively high moisture. Constantly humid air in the tropical rainforest increases the rate of decomposition. damp, steamy, muggy dry, arid Adjective
cobalt A metallic element from which blue pigments are extracted. She wore cobalt blue eye shadow and metallic aqua lipstick for the party. blue Noun
enlighten Give someone more knowledge about a subject. If you know the answer, please enlighten me. educate, acquaint, inform conceal, deceive Verb
advance Move forward or make progress. He was good at the game but failed to advance to the next round. proceed, push on retreat Verb
savvy Showing shrewdness; having common sense. She's a savvy entrepreneur who knows how to network. cunning, clever, astute gullible, stupid Adjective
royal Relating to a king, queen, or other monarchs. The royal palace is covered in gaudy finery. aristocratic, noble, superior inferior, ignoble, poor Adjective
dismal Gloomy; dreary. The dismal winter afternoon set the perfect mood for listening to gothic new wave music. bleak, miserable, disheartening pleasant, bright, cheerful Adjective
cryptic Having a meaning that is mysterious. There was a cryptic message written on the wall of the tomb. obscure, ambiguous, enigmatic plain, obvious Adjective
dapper Well-groomed and neat in appearance. He looks dapper every day, so I can't wait to see what he looks like in a tuxedo. classy, dashing, stylish unstylish, disheveled, scruffy Adjective
frigid Extremely cold. The water spraying from the showerhead was frigid this morning. freezing, wintry, icy hot Adjective
severed Having been cut off. He might have bled to death from his severed artery if paramedics hadn't acted quickly. detached, amputated, disconnected joined, attached Adjective
wail A prolonged, high-pitched cry. She listened to the wail of sirens from the streets below. howl, moan, scream Noun
whisper Speak softly using one's breath. When you try to whisper in my ear, you end up spitting on the side of my face. murmur, hiss, breathe shout Verb

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