6th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 27

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
ensuing Being the one that comes right after another. The infighting began the ensuing conflict. subsequent, consequent, following preceding, prior, previous Adjective
fracture A break or crack. There was a fracture in the support beam. rupture, fissure, tear Noun
melancholy Causing sadness or unhappiness. Cheer up, don't be so melancholy. depressing, heartbreaking, saddening please, uplifting, cheery Adjective
scurry To move quickly. The dogs began to scurry to their treats. rush, hurry, scuttle Verb
dismantled To take apart. The lawyer dismantled his argument. disassemble, dismember, divide assemble, construct, build Verb
headlong Done at excessive speed. They made a headlong departure from the blizzard. hurried, rushed, reckless measured, deliberate, calculated Adjective
deflate To decrease in size or volume by losing its contents. The old basketball began to deflate. collapse, flatten, shrivel inflate, expand, dilate Verb
razed To destroy or bring to a complete end. The city of Carthage was razed in 146 B.C. demolished, wrecked, annihilated Verb
apropos Being relevant or appropriate to the matter at hand. The question was not apropos, given the context. applicable, pertinent, germane irrelevant, immaterial, extraneous Adjective
remorse A feeling of responsibility for a wrong committed. He felt immense remorse for what he said. regret, guilt, shame impenitence, remorselessness Noun
confined To set bounds or limits. The cat did not like to be confined in small spaces. restrict, limit, cap Verb
bazaar A marketplace where goods are sold to customers. Let's get some trinkets from the bazaar! market, store, mall Noun
comprehend To understand the meaning of. She couldn't comprehend the teacher's instructions. grasp, discern, fathom misunderstand, misinterpret, misconstrue Verb
tumble To fall suddenly and involuntarily. The bike began to tumble down the hill. fall, stumble, trip Verb
spoil To rot or decompose. The food will spoil over time. decay, disintegrate, crumble Verb

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