6th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 3

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
research Careful examination. The subject he's writing his article about is hard to research. examine, study, investigate Verb
austere Severe or strict attitude. She had an austere face and sat rigidly at her desk. formal, forbidding, grave Adjective
rumbling A continuous deep sound. We heard the distant rumbling of fireworks coming from the city. booming, clapping, pealing Noun
perseverance Persistence in doing something. Her perseverance is actually stubbornness in disguise. hard work, diligence, endurance Noun
hasten Act quickly. The barking dog helped to hasten the intruder's departure. hurry, quicken, expedite hinder, decelerate Verb
ointment A medicine or cosmetic that is rubbed on the skin. I asked the pharmacist if he had any ointment for my rash. balm, lotion, salve Noun
expensive Involving high cost. This subscription is too expensive for what I'm getting. high-priced, overpriced, costly cheap, inexpensive, economical Adjective
muscular Having physical strength. His legs were muscular like a horse's legs. athletic, brawny, strapping skinny, delicate, flabby Adjective
vertex The apex or top. In geometry, a vertex is a point where two or more lines meet. cap, crown, tip bottom Noun
foreground Part of a scene or view that is nearest to the observer. Rocks on the beach are the foreground of this painting. front, focus back, rear Noun
citizen A legally recognized inhabitant of a nation. I'm an American citizen, but I live abroad for half of the year. resident, inhabitant, national foreigner, alien Noun
familiar Commonly known or seen. Do the people in these photos look familiar? well-known, common, usual abnormal, unfamiliar, uncommon Adjective
restate State something again or differently. She will restate her argument at the end of the speech. repeat, rehash, reiterate Verb
despite Without being influenced by; notwithstanding. She's got a lot of friends despite her short temper. in spite of, regardless of, even though Preposition
puff A short gust of breath or wind. He blew a cloudy puff of steam into the frosty air. breath, wisp, waft Noun

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