6th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 11

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
luxurious Expensively elegant and comfortable. The luxurious dessert was topped with edible gold. fancy, indulgent, lush economical, modest Adjective
clinch Settle an argument or contract. They were able to clinch the deal after hours of negotiation. decide, conclude, seal Verb
bleak Dreary and miserable. We stopped in a bleak little ghost town to take moody photos. grim, gloomy, dismal bright, pleasant Adjective
wrinkled Fabric or skin having slight creases. He took time to iron the wrinkled shirt. lined, folded, puckered unwrinkled Adjective
obstruct Hinder passage; block. The bad guys deliberately overturned a semi to obstruct traffic so they could make their escape. restrict, prevent, inhibit unblock, permit, assist Verb
bashful Easily embarrassed; shy. The bashful little girl hid her face against her mother's chest. coy, timid, sheepish bold, unabashed Adjective
epiphany A moment of sudden intuitive perception. After he admitted what he'd done, I had an epiphany, and everything suddenly made sense. revelation, realization, inspiration Noun
adapted Modified for a purpose. Depending on the weather, she adapted the way she dressed. adjusted, accommodated, altered Adjective
apparently As far as one knows or can suppose. I thought Jackie was a vegan, but apparently, Becca saw her eating frozen yogurt last night! allegedly, supposedly, possibly Adverb
misguided Having bad judgment. They had the misguided idea that they could drive across the country without stopping to sleep. deluded, foolish, mistaken correct, reasonable, sensible Adjective
debated Discussed a question. They debated where to eat lunch. argued, contested, disputed Verb
ricochet Rebound off of a surface. They heard the foam dart ricochet off the ceiling, but they couldn't find where it had landed. rebound, deflect Verb
frantic Behaving wildly because of fear or anxiety. He was frantic with worry when he couldn't find his phone. agitated, distraught, frenzied calm, peaceful Adjective
except Not including. Everyone went to the party except me, because I had Covid. other than, barring, omitting including Preposition
vermilion A vivid red color. The walls and ceiling were painted vermilion, and all the furniture was black. cardinal, crimson, cherry Noun

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