6th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 23

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
disclose To make known. He would not disclose whether he had eaten the chocolate. reveal, divulge, publish conceal, hide, suppress Verb
withdrawal A removal from a place of holding or investment. Go make a withdrawal from the bank. deposit Noun
misstep A wrong decision or judgment. One misstep could cause a big accident. error, gaffe, mistake Noun
rapport A friendly and particularly harmonious relationship. The teacher had a good rapport with her students. friendship, compatibility, bond estrangement, disaffection, unfriendliness Noun
elaborate Made with great detail and care. She was in awe of the elaborate ceiling tiles. complicated, detailed, complex simple, apparent, easy Adjective
exodus A mass departure or exit of something or some group of people. There was an exodus of students on the last day of school. migration, evacuation, emigration immigration, influx, arrival Noun
bounty A reward or offer in return for something being done. There was a bounty made for his capture. prize, reward, premium Noun
static Lacking in movement or change. After millions of years, the geologic activity became static. motionless, stagnant, stationary mobile, moving, changing Adjective
gargantuan Extremely large in size or degree. They saw a gargantuan blue whale at sea. colossal, enormous, gigantic little, small, puny Adjective
radiation The process of emitting energy in waves or particles. The old energy plant gave off radiation. emmision, diffusion, dispersal collection, containment, retention Noun
conduct The way in which a person behaves. He always had professional conduct at work. behavior, demeanor, character Noun
minuscule Very small. We need a minuscule amount of paint. small, tiny, minute big, enormous, huge Adjective
insulate To reduce the amount of heat moving between objects or areas. We need to insulate the cabin for winter. cushion, shield, wrap uncover, open Verb
content Satisfaction with the way things are. She was content to be with her family. happy, pleased, fulfilled upset, unsatisfied, unhappy Adjective
mingle To socialize and communicate within a group. She was excited to mingle with her new classmates. socialize, hobnob, mix avoid, shun, eschew Verb

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