6th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 26

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
emblem A symbolic object or figure used as a badge for an organization, nation, or group. He noticed a military emblem on his jacket. crest, seal, insignia Noun
tumultuous Marked by loudness and excitement. She forced her way through the tumultuous crowd. boisterous, hectic, raucous calm, peaceful, orderly Adjective
utilization The act of using or making use of something. The utilization of steam engines was popular in the late nineteenth century. use, employment, application Noun
grueling Extremely demanding or tiring. They set out on the grueling task of building a railroad. arduous, exhausting, laborious easy, effortless, undemanding Adjective
hybrid The product produced by combining things from two different groups. The scientists bred a hybrid of the two plant species. amalgam, compound, crossbreed Noun
muddled To mix up or put into a state of uncertainty. They muddled with the documents. blur, convolute, jumble order, organize, structure Verb
intricate Made with care and great detail. She was amazed at the intricate design on the wall. involved, elaborate, ornate straightforward, simple, evident Adjective
erode To wear away gradually. The water began to erode the rock over time. disintegrate, deteriorate Verb
feud A lengthy conflict between two people or groups. Their families had a long-lasting feud. argument, disagreement, dispute Noun
lavish Extremely wealthy and comfortable. The king had a lavish lifestyle. exuberant, opulent, luxurious humble, spartan, meager Adjective
renown The state of being well known to the public. The bookstore will host many authors of great renown. fame, repute, acclaim anonymity, obscurity, unimportance Noun
surly Displaying irritability or resentfulness. He gave a surly objection to taking the trash out. sulky, pouty, sullen bright, cheerful, happy Adjective
prowl To move about stealthily in search of prey The panther was on the prowl for food. hunt, patrol, lurk Verb
enrage To fill with anger. The boy's misbehavior would enrage his parents. provoke, anger, madden calm, comfort, soothe Verb
jostle To shake up or agitate. Careful, do not jostle around the fragile package. scramble, joggle Verb

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