6th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 9

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
blurry Not clearly visible. The photo was blurry and out of focus. hazy, foggy, fuzzy clear Adjective
magnificent Very good; exceptional. We saw a lot of magnificent scenery while driving through the mountains. wonderful, grand, impressive insignificant, ordinary Adjective
pulverized Reduced to small particles. She pulverized the ingredients together with a mortar and pestle. crumbled, crushed, shattered Verb
vividly In a way that produces strong feelings and brings clear images to mind. He remembers his dream vividly, as though he'd lived it. distinctly, graphically, sharply Adverb
descend Move downward. The plane started to descend for landing. dive, go down, drop ascend, go up Verb
absolutely Without limitation; certainly. We absolutely have to get the ingredients from the grocery store before it closes today. definitely, exactly, precisely doubtfully, questionably Adverb
dense Closely compacted. It'd be a challenge to eat more than one slice of the dense, rich cake. thick, heavy, solid sparse Adjective
valuation An estimation of a thing's worth. The professional appraiser carried out a valuation of the house. appraisal, assessment, estimate Noun
sparkling Shining brightly. The gems on her bedazzled denim vest were sparkling in the midday sun. glinting, gleaming, shimmering dull Adjective
omitting Excluding or neglecting to mention something. The landlord was omitting the fact that the previous two tenants had gone missing under mysterious circumstances. forgetting, disregarding, withholding including Verb
tremendous Great in size, amount, or intensity. Burj Khalifa in Dubai is a tremendous building, standing 2,717 feet (or just over half a mile) tall. huge, overwhelming, immense inferior, underwhelming Adjective
specific Clearly defined. I've looked all over the shelves, but I can't find that specific book. particular, exact, distinct imprecise, undefined Adjective
swanky Luxurious and expensive. We stayed in a swanky hotel with little chocolates on the pillows. plush, fancy, posh unfashionable, modest Adjective
whimper Low, weak sounds indicating fear or pain. He began to whimper when he woke up. cry softly, moan, weep Verb
shivered Shake slightly; tremble. He wrapped his coat around him tightly and shivered against the cold morning. quiver, shudder, shake Verb

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