6th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 25

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
alienated Feeling or being separated from a group. He felt alienated from the rest of the team. estranged, disaffected, alone collegial, friendly, cordial Adjective
compulsion A persistent impulse to do something. His compulsion was always to make sure the door was locked. obsession, preoccupation, pressure Noun
purge To free from impurities or moral blemishes. They set out to purge the castle. cleanse, purify, sanctify corrupt, poison, degrade Verb
infrastructure The system of public works in nations and cities. The new mayor's plan was to rebuild the city's infrastructure. Noun
adversary An opponent of some kind. The adversary had superior scoring skills. opponent, foe, competitor partner, ally, teammate Noun
bond A close relationship or connection. I have a strong bond with my mother. union, relation, alliance separation, detachment, dissociation Noun
flourishing Marked by exceptional goodness and prosperity. The forest had been flourishing for years. thriving, vibrant, prosperous failing, stunted, languishing Adjective
compelling Capable or demanding of attention or interest. Her cutting-edge research was very compelling. fascinating, interesting, captivating ordinary, boring, uninteresting Adjective
bungalow A small, single story house. My family has a bungalow in Maine. Noun
congeal To become firm or solid. The water in the pond will congeal in the winter. solidify, harden, stiffen soften, melt, thaw Verb
transaction A transfer of ownership of one thing in exchange for another. He made a transaction with the salesman. sale, deal, trade Noun
poll A questioning of people at random to gather information about something. Our candidate won in the last poll. survey, ballot, census Noun
cravat A type of scarf worn around the neck generally by men. The man was wearing a cream colored cravat. ascot, necktie Noun
crevice A narrow opening. There was a crevice between the rocks. split, fissure, crack Noun
dungeon A usually underground prison. They made a hole in the wall to escape the dungeon. prison, jail, penitentiary Noun

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