6th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 29

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
modernize To adapt to modern or present-day norms and needs. They plan to modernize their farming methods within the next five years. update, renew, contemporize conserve, regress, preserve Verb
gratifying Giving contentment or satisfaction. For her, working at the soup kitchen was gratifying. pleasing, enjoyable, uplifting dissatisfying, miserable, unpleasant Adjective
solidify To become hard or firm. The water began to solidify in the freezing temperatures. harden, stiffen, congeal soften, thaw, melt Verb
reputation The overall opinions or beliefs about someone or something. He man never did anything to ruin his reputation. repute, name, character Noun
kudos Praise or acknowledgment for an achievement. She received kudos from her team for scoring the winning point. admiration, recognition, compliments condemnation, criticism, denunciation Noun
prominent Important and well-known. She was a prominent figure in the community. renowned, distinguished, famous insignificant, unknown, nameless Adjective
constrained Appearing to be limited or restrained. The scientists' research was constrained by a budget. inhibited, repressed, regulated permitted, allowed, freed Adjective
belittle To make someone or something seem less important. Don't belittle your peers' achievements. disparage, minimize, diminish exalt, applaud, magnify Verb
minimize To reduce or keep to a minimum. We need to minimize the risk of injury. lessen, lower, decrease increase, heighten, magnify Verb
justice The maintenance and facilitation of what is right and wrong with impartiality. It's important to uphold justice in the community. fairness, integrity, uprightness dishonesty, falsehood, injustice Noun
flagrant Marked by clear inconsistency with what is right and proper. The referee called a flagrant foul on the play. blatant, obvious, gross slight, inconspicuous, small Adjective
intrude To disrupt or interfere with a discussion. He didn't want to intrude on their conversation. interrupt, bother, barge Verb
tolerate To put up with someone or something that is unpleasant. She would only tolerate her little brother. endure, sustain, stomach avoid, resist, reject Verb
leisurely Doing something at a relaxed or unhurried pace. The cat leisurely walked down the street. laid-back, laggardly, slowly quickly, briskly, swiftly Adverb
abundant Being large in quantity without being excessive. The apple tree was abundant with fruits. plentiful, ample, bountiful scarce, insufficient, meager Adjective

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