6th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 10

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
murky Foggy, dirty, or dark. The snake poked its head above the murky swamp water. gloomy, dreary, muddy clean, light Adjective
lofty Extraordinarily high. She stood with her head tilted back, admiring the lofty redwoods. towering, raised, soaring low Adjective
eerie Spooky. The clouds looked like they were bubbling in an eerie, unsettling way. creepy, frightening, mysterious Adjective
dishonor Bring disgrace on someone or something. They dared to dishonor my reputation by making me dress up as a ridiculous turkey! shame, reproach, indignity honor, respect Verb
coarse Rough in texture. The boar has coarse, bristly hair and a bad attitude. grainy, harsh, unrefined soft, refined Adjective
habit A practice or tendency. Getting a sweet blended coffee drink every day is an expensive habit. custom, nature, routine Noun
seize Take quickly and forcibly. She made an abrupt attempt to seize his arm, but he was able to dodge her. grab, catch, arrest release, free Verb
brisk Fast and energetic. They put on their matching velour tracksuits every morning and take a brisk walk. lively, quick, spry sluggish Adjective
tight Allowing little room for movement. My coat has gotten tight since last year; maybe it shrank in the wash. compact, cramped, snug loose, yielding Adjective
express Convey ideas by words or gestures. They shook hands to express that they had reached an agreement. communicate, indicate, suggest conceal, suppress Verb
slippery Difficult to stand on or hold because of texture. The car slid on the slippery road. slick, greasy, icy unslippery Adjective
cautiously Intentionally avoiding dangers and risks. He warned us to walk cautiously down the old, rotting staircase in the abandoned mansion. carefully, slowly, tentatively Adverb
sweltering Very hot. We took a nap in the shade to avoid the sweltering midday sun. burning, stifling, sizzling cold, frigid Adjective
blemish A mark or flaw that detracts from appearance. When I listed the desk for sale, I included in the description a minor blemish on its surface. flaw, imperfection, defect perfection Noun
outcry An exclamation of disapproval. They caused a distraction in order to minimize the public outcry over the scandal. scream, complaint, objection Noun

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