6th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 14

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
surge Rise up in a sudden way. The flood waters will surge over the banks of the river soon. gush, flow, swell recede, decline, decrease Noun
gallant Showing dignity or nobility. The gallant prince led his people to victory. brave, courageous, fearless fearful, timid, cowardly, Adjective
jagged A sharp surface with pointy edges. The shore was riddled with jagged rocks, so I wore my sneakers. ragged, rough, irregular smooth, flat, level Adjective
dawdle Move slowly as if not in any rush. The boy seemed to dawdle before school, so he was always late. dally, mosey, amble rush, hasten, hurry Verb
hesitant Indecisive or slow due to worry. She was hesitant to give her credit card number over the phone. anxious, uneasy, nervous confident, decisive, brave Adjective
peculiar Not usual or expected. The shirt was so peculiar that no one would buy it. distinct, particular, unique ordinary, expected, usual Adjective
habitation Living in a particular area. There are signs of very early human habitation in Turkey. occupation, residence, tenancy Noun
abated To become less. The storm abated and the sun came out. decrease, diminish, dwindle expand, increase, raise Verb
enthralled To be nearly hypnotized by something. The chef was so enthralled with the cooking competition on TV that he burnt his dinner. enchanted, fascinated, mesmerized disenchanted, bored, repelled Verb
scarlet A strong red color. The scarlet necktie matched his candy cane print socks. cardinal, crimson, maroon Noun
regal Relating to a king or queen. The bald eagle perched atop a tree in a regal manner. royal, majestic, noble common, poor, inferior Adjective
scrawny Very lean or gangly. The boy was scrawny but proved to be the hardest worker in the field. thin, skinny, lanky fat, overweight, chubby Adjective
obtuse Not alert or brainless. His obtuse behavior made his caretaker angry. unintelligent, slow, stupid smart, clever, bright Adjective
outspoken Direct or sincere in speaking. He is an outspoken critic of the government. candid, frank, blunt shy, introverted, diplomatic Adjective
bilingual Being able to communicate in two languages fluently. The bilingual merchant speaks Spanish and English. Noun

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