6th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 17

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
innate Present at birth or ingrained. I have an innate need to achieve greatness. inborn, inherent, intrinsic learned, acquired, cultivated Adjective
stance The position of a standing person or animal. The runner got in his stance before the race. posture, pose, position Noun
unabashed Not embarrassed or ashamed. He was unabashed by what he said on live TV. shameless, brazen, blatant ashamed, remorseful, disconcerted Adjective
reticent Reluctant to speak or draw attention. He was reticent to discuss his experience. hesitant, reserved, restrained communicative, unshy, forward Adjective
outpost A military post stationed remotely. The outpost is stationed five miles north and six miles east. camp, post, settlement Noun
effortless Involving little or no physical or mental exertion. He made the trick look effortless. easy, elementary, manageable demanding, difficult, labored Adjective
gullible Easily deceived or tricked. He was too gullible for the tricky salesman. naive, credulous, susceptible skeptical, wary, suspicious Adjective
opulent Having money, property, or things in abundance. Qatar is one of the Gulf's most opulent countries. wealthy, rich, affluent poor, impoverished, destitute Adjective
rectify To correct or set in order. The senator was determined to rectify his previous decision. correct, redress, straighten out hurt, damage, impair Verb
veneer An outer layer. The table was cased in a mahogany veneer. exterior, facade, shell interior, core Noun
fatigue Weariness from bodily or mental exertion. Symptoms of the flu include fatigue. tiredness, exhaustion, lethargy energy, rejuvenation, vigor Noun
rampart A wall built around a structure for defensive purposes. The enemy could not get through the rampart. wall, barricade, bastion entrance, doorway, gate Noun
duress The use of one's power to force someone to do something. The city was under duress from its invaders to pay tribute. coercion, pressure, intimidation Noun
admiration A feeling of strong approval or delight towards something. The music inspired admiration in the young girl. awe, appreciation, adoration dislike, disregard, hatred Noun
abnormally Deviating from the norm or average. The Kinkalow cat has an abnormally long tail! unusual, unique, notable normal, ordinary, typical Adverb

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