6th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 12

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
prodigy A person, usually young, who has extraordinary abilities. The child prodigy taught himself to play piano at four years old. genius, whiz, wunderkind Noun
coy Pretending to be modest or shy. He had a coy smile and a glint in his eye. bashful, evasive, timid forward, immodest Adjective
audacious Showing boldness; daring. She made the audacious decision to quit her job and travel around Europe. reckless, brave, dauntless cautious, meek Adjective
revised Altered, especially regarding printed or written matter. She searched everywhere for the original publication, but only found revised editions. corrected, updated, amended Adjective
detain Hold back; arrest. They were able to detain the suspect until police arrived. apprehend, confine, inhibit free, release Verb
pretentious Attempting to create the appearance of importance. We had dinner at that pretentious restaurant downtown, but it was expensive and uncomfortable. snobbish, conceited, showy genuine, unconceited Adjective
quiver Tremble or shake rapidly. He got goosebumps and started to quiver when he heard a noise under his bed. shiver, shudder, tremble Verb
exclude Deny someone access to something. They probably had to exclude me from the conversation because they were planning a surprise party for me. ban, omit, prohibit include, allow Verb
majestic Showing impressive beauty, size, or power. The majestic cruise ship towered above us like a floating skyscraper. splendid, awesome, grand humble, shabby Adjective
artificial Produced to imitate something natural. Our skin looked dull and sickly under the artificial light. unnatural, fake, fabricated genuine, natural, real Adjective
hoax A plan to deceive people; trick. The historical diary was proved to be an elaborate hoax. prank, practical joke, ruse Noun
sustainable Able to be maintained. Extreme diets aren't sustainable for long. continuous, viable, feasible unsustainable, untenable Adjective
gracious Courteous; kind. He was very gracious and congratulated me on my victory. compassionate, accommodating, cordial discourteous, rude Adjective
filthy Extremely dirty. Smoking is a filthy habit. nasty, soiled, grimy clean, sterile Adjective
susceptible Likely to be influenced by something. Leading an unhealthy lifestyle makes you more susceptible to illness. affected, inclined, vulnerable resistant, insensitive Adjective

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