6th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 15

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
procure To get or find by special means. The buyer tried to procure medical equipment for the hospital. find, get, obtain lose, reject, forfeit Verb
congruent Similar or concurring. The student matched the congruent shapes during math class. coinciding, conforming, consistent disagreeable, conflicting, unharmonious Adjective
tangled Being intertwined or mixed up. The electric wires became tangled in the tree branches after the storm. twisted, knotted, interlaced ordered, organized, arranged Adjective
procrastinate To put off or dally. She can't procrastinate forever; she will have to start working on her project. stall, delay, postpone expedite, finish, forward Verb
introverted Being shy or having a personality that is solitary or modest. The introverted student preferred being at home alone over going to parties. introspective, withdrawn, self-contained extroverted, outgoing, confident Adjective
spunky Being courageous or animated. The spunky teenager got a leading role in the play. peppy, courageous, plucky fearful, lethargic, timid Adjective
edible Used as food. Is the fruit fake or is it edible? safe to eat, eatable, palatable inedible, unpalatable, unsuitable Adjective
discontinue To stop or cease. The manufacture will discontinue these toys next year. terminate, finish, abandon continue, commence, start Verb
corral A fenced-in area or enclosure for animals. Move the horses from the corral to the barn. pen, paddock, cage Noun
lapse A reduction in standards or temporary failure. The chemist had a lapse of judgment, causing an explosion. failure, negligence, blunder correction, accuracy, success Noun
distraught Emotional and agitated. The man was distraught because he could not find a job. anxious, distressed, upset calm, happy, untroubled Adjective
apparatus Machinery, tools or instruments used to do a specific task. The scientific apparatus was challenging to use and required training. appliance, device, contraption Noun
adequate Enough to meet a task. Bring an adequate amount of sunscreen for the canoe trip. satisfactory, reasonable, acceptable insufficient, inferior, unsuitable Adjective
proceeding Following a course or undertaking an action. We will be proceeding through the toll gate shortly. process, venture, procedure idleness, inactivity, inertia Verb
pandemonium Disorder and chaos. It was complete pandemonium as the new doll went on sale. uproar, clamor, commotion calm, harmony, peace Noun

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