6th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 24

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
abdicate To formally give up a position. The king was forced to abdicate the thrown. relinquish, renounce, step down claim, assume, attain Verb
tormented To persistently cause distress or annoyance. She was constantly tormented by her older brother. tortured, harrassed, distressed pleased, satisfied, delighted Verb
peerless Having no equal or worthy competitor. He was peerless in his soccer abilities. unmatched, unrivaled, incomparable ordinary, usual, inferior Adjective
endorsement An act of giving public approval or support. The company would give an endorsement to the best candidate. backing, acceptance, affirmation disapproval, rejection, denial Noun
contour An outline of the shape of something. They made a contour with rocks to mark the field. silhouette, form, figure Noun
sustain To supply with care and nourishment. If you want a dog, you must first learn how to sustain a plant. nurture, maintain, nourish harm, ignore, deprive Verb
contender A person or thing that is in competition for the same thing as another. The boxer proved to be a worthy contender. competitor, rival, candidate Noun
inlay A decorative work or pattern within something. The inlay on her scarf was made of rhinestones. Noun
fugitive Someone who has fled or escaped something. They looked for the fugitive for days. Noun
tranquilize To pacify or calm. We need to tranquilize the horse before giving it medicine quell, sedate, relax agitate, arouse, distress Verb
impeccable Being entirely without flaw or wrong. He had impeccable running form. faultless, perfect, unblemished imperfect, faulty, defective Adjective
exquisite Extremely pleasant or nice. I know an exquisite restaurant downtown. lovely, perfect, superb flawed, imperfect, second-rate Adjective
elusive Difficult to comprehend or define. The math question was especially elusive. tricky, ambiguous, puzzling defined, clear, understandable Adjective
portfolio A case for holding papers. He almost dropped his portfolio in the wind. bag, briefcase, case Noun
specter A ghostly apparition or spirit. He swore he saw a specter in the forest. phantom, ghost, wraith Noun

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