6th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 22

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
grapple To holding onto something. It was tough for the climber to grapple the cliffside. grasp, grip, clench release, let go, relinquish Verb
converge To move together towards a central point. Tectonic plates caused the mountains to converge over millions of years. merge, combine, concentrate diverge, disperse, scatter Verb
naive Lacking common experience or understanding. He was naive to the joke's punchline. ignorant, inexperienced, simpleminded aware, intelligent, knowledgeable Adjective
subsidy A sum of money given out for a specific use or action. The government gave a subsidy to homeless shelters during the pandemic. allowance, appropriation, endowment Noun
amusing Pleasant or entertaining. They couldn't stop laughing at the amusing comedy act. humorous, laughable, comical boring, uninteresting, dull Adjective
frugal Particular and careful in the management of money. The woman lived a frugal lifestyle without many belongings. economical, thrifty, conserving frivolous, wasteful, spendthrift Adjective
gizmo An interesting or unique device. Let's use this gizmo to get the car started. gadget, tool, widget Noun
announce To make known publicly. We will announce the results on Monday. proclaim, declare, publish withhold, conceal Verb
warrant An approval by someone of authority to perform a certain task. In the U.S., police need a written warrant to search you or your things. permission, authorization, consent prohibition, refusal, denial Noun
immunity Freedom or protection from something. The vaccine gave her immunity from the virus. amnesty, impunity, exemption vulnerability, susceptibility, defenselessness Noun
cadre A group of people specially trained for a particular purpose. A specific cadre of lawyers was chosen by the celebrity defendant. organization, personnel, key group Noun
slogan A special or favorite saying for a group of people or organization. The candidate had a catchy slogan. motto, tagline, saying Noun
immigrate To enter or come to from another place. Many people in the early nineteenth century decided to immigrate to the United States. arrive, come, migrate emmigrate, leave Verb
waltz Music for ballroom dance characterized by three-four time. The Blue Danube is a famous waltz by Johann Strauss. Noun
grievance An expression of dissatisfaction or resentment. They filed an official grievance against the company. complaint, lament, protest praise, commendation, compliment Noun

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