6th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 28

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
ornate Elaborately or complexly decorated. They came back from China with ornate vases. adorned, ornamented, elaborate simple, basic, ordinary Adjective
figment Something made up or contrived in imagination. The ghost was just a figment of my imagination. illusion, fantasy, delusion Noun
hospitable Given to treating guests and strangers with generosity and kindness. The family was so warm and hospitable. welcoming, gracious, cordial inhospitable, stingy, ungracious Adjective
provoke To stimulate or give a reason for action. Please don't provoke your sister into a fight. irritate, aggravate, irk appease, calm, pacify Verb
conjure To bring to mind. His mother's stories would always conjure pleasant memories. provoke, arouse, induce Verb
nefarious Bad or not of high moral standard. The criminals were engaged in nefarious activities. heinous, vile, abominable good, noble, virtuous Adjective
prune To cut or make something shorter. We need to prune the trees before spring. trim, crop, snip lengthen, extend, elongate Verb
morsel A small quantity of food. They gave the dog a morsel of their meal. bit, piece, sample hunk, lump, gob Noun
impart To pass on from one to another. There is some advice that I would like to impart to you. bestow, convey, communicate withhold, conceal, hide Verb
calf The young of cows or some other related animals. Cows will raise a calf for four to six months. Noun
bizarre Very out of the ordinary. The news was too bizarre. strange, odd, unusual common, normal, ordinary Adjective
flamboyant Market by confidence, stylishness, and colorful display of behavior. The artist had a flamboyant nature. bombastic, dazzling, dramatic plain, moderate, modest Adjective
agrarian Concerned with or engaged in agriculture. The farmers lived an agrarian lifestyle. rural, agronomic, pastoral urban, industrial, metropolitan Adjective
toboggan A long sled made of thin boards which usually curve upwards at the end. Let's ride the toboggan down the hill! sled Noun
dignity The quality of being esteemed and honorable. Their boss had great dignity and respect. decorum, respectability, nobility dishonor, immorality, indecency Noun

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