6th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 30

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
pertinent The state of being relevant to the topic at hand. He tried only to ask pertinent questions to his mentor. applicable, germane, appropriate irrelevant, unfitting, unrelated Adjective
beseech To implore or ask of someone in an urgent manner. They began to beseech him not to try the dangerous trick. beg, plead, supplicate Verb
flabbergasted Feeling or acting suddenly very surprised. She was flabbergasted by the surprising news. shocked, astonished, staggered indifferent, unruffled, unsurprised Adjective
prestige Respect and admiration towards someone for their achievements or importance. The general had much prestige in the community. esteem, importance, reputation infamy, disrepute, dishonor Noun
fraudulent Market by dishonesty or inauthenticity. Our store will not accept fraudulent money. fake, counterfeit, forged genuine, authentic, honest Adjective
stature The distance from someone or something's top to bottom. The man's stature was six feet and five inches. height width Noun
criticize To take in evidence and make a judgment accordingly. They began to criticize his scientific findings. scrutinize, review, evaluate Verb
obligation Something someone must do. She had an obligation to take care of her grandmother. duty, responsibility, commitment Noun
clamber To climb or get over something, usually using the hands and feet. They began to clamber up the cliffside. scale, ascend, surmount Verb
attire Clothes that a person would wear. The dance requires formal attire. apparel, clothes, garb Noun
navigate To plan or direct the route of a vessel. The Bermuda Triangle is notoriously hard to navigate. Noun
fragile Easily broken or damaged. Be careful, the kitten is fragile. delicate, frail, vulnerable strong, durable, unbreakable Adjective
grim Harsh and difficult to endure. The outlook was very grim, and everyone had lost hope. bleak, rough, oppressive bright, comforting, encouraging Adjective
liable Being responsible for certain consequences or obligations depending on certain conditions. The driver will be liable for damages if it is their fault. accountable, obligated, answerable exempt, irresponsible, immune Adjective
conscientious Taking great care and understanding of something. The deer was always conscientious of its surroundings. careful, thorough, meticulous careless, indifferent, inexact Adjective

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