6th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 21

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
hypothesis A tentative idea or observation made as the starting point for an experiment. Before starting an experiment, you need to make a hypothesis. thesis, proposition, assumption Noun
competent Properly qualified or having necessary ability. He is very competent and would make a great employee. capable, proficient, adapted incapable, incompetent, inept Adjective
solidarity A unified sympathy or interest between members of a group. The team showed solidarity for the injured player support, backing, advocacy disagreement, discord, separation Noun
realization An act or condition of understanding something. They came to the realization that they were not alone. comprehension, recognition, consciousness ignorance, unknowing Noun
scheme A plan of action. They came up with a scheme to get more milk at lunch. game plan, program, blueprint Noun
probable Likely to occur or be true. It is probable that we will win the match. plausible, possible, likely impossible, improbable, unlikely Adjective
aspect A certain piece of or way in which something appears. I'd like to change the design aspect of our project. facet, part, angle Noun
squawk A harsh scream or screech. The bird let out a loud squawk at the dog. cry, cackle, caw Noun
porpoise A word to describe various marine toothed whales. Did you see the porpoise splashing in the water? Noun
gimmick A clever plan or device to achieve a goal. They came up with a gimmick to attract new customers. method, ploy, ruse Noun
commendation A formal recognition of achievement or goodness. The student received a letter of commendation for his test score. acclamation, award, encomium condemnation, denouncement, disapproval Noun
reaffirm To reassert to confirm again. This will only reaffirm my decision. maintain, affirm, certify renounce, contradict, disavow Verb
mammal Types of animals that give birth to living offspring and produce milk. The horse and cow are both mammals Noun
concave A shape characterized as being curved inward like the interior of a circle. The door of the futurisitc car had a concave shape. sunken, indented, recessed convex, protruded, bulged Adjective
outwardly A behavior of something towards an outward or external direction. She wasn't afraid to be outwardly expressive of her feelings. externally internally, inwardly Adverb

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