6th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 4

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
security Freedom from threat or danger. It's time to implement strict security measures. safety, protection, shelter insecurity, danger Noun
somber Gloomy or solemn mood. Her somber expression was visible despite her efforts to hide her face. bleak, grim, melancholy bright, cheerful, joyful Adjective
rescue Save someone from danger. Firemen rescued the family from the burning building. free, extricate, protect Verb
subtle Difficult to perceive; elusive. The dress was white but had a subtle blue sheen in the light. faint, indirect, slight unsubtle, forthright Adjective
cuff The part of a sleeve or glove that goes around the wrist. I rolled up my cuff and stuck my hand into the water. Noun
staggered Something arranged so as not to happen all at once; spread out over time. She has meetings staggered throughout the week. spaced out, spread out Verb
brokenhearted Overcome by grief. He's brokenhearted at the thought of leaving. devastated, crushed, disappointed lighthearted Adjective
legacy The impact of past events. Although he never intended his works to be read, his stories will be his legacy. outcome, repercussion, effect Noun
hexagon A figure with six sides. The hexagon shapes in honeycombs are called honeycomb cells. hexagram Noun
indigo A color between blue and violet. The sky is a gradient of indigo and black. Noun
likely Having a probability of happening or being true. The meteorologist said snow is likely today. expected, probable, Adjective
anyway By any means; in any case. He knew what he was about to say was stupid, but he said it anyway. anyhow, however Adverb
tame Domesticated. The birds were very tame and landed on her hand when she held food out for them. docile, harmless, subdued untamed, wild Adjective
nowhere Not in or at any place; not anywhere. Yelling instead of listening is getting us nowhere. Adverb
persuade To cause someone to do something by argument or entreaty. She has to persuade me, or I will not go camping. convince, coax, influence discourage, dissuade Verb

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