6th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 19

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
emulate To strive to equal or imitate. His goal was to emulate the way Bing Crosby sang. mimic, mirror, ditto Verb
fathom To understand the meaning of. She could not fathom why they rejected her application. comprehend, grasp, figure out misunderstand Verb
obtain To receive or acquire. He couldn't wait to turn sixteen and obtain a driver's license. attain, gain, access lose, surrender, relinquish Verb
persecution Hostility or ill-treatment towards a person or group. The Pilgrims left Europe to flee persecution. oppression, mistreatment, torment Noun
considerable Notably large in amount, extent, or degree This year yielded a considerable amount of pumpkins. substantial, noticeable, sizeable insignificant, meager, small Adjective
adjourn To pause or suspend until a later date or time. The meeting will adjourn at ten. stop, break, pause advance, continue, convene Verb
rustic Relating to the country or rural lifestyle. The rustic cabin was decorated with handmade furniture. bucolic, pastoral, homey urban, citified, modern Adjective
stunted Stopped or slowed in growth. The plant's growth was stunted by a disease. dwarfed, undersized growing, developing, enlarging Adjective
repose A state of resting or sleep. They would continue their journey after a short repose. rest, leisure, relax action, awakening, wakefulness Noun
divert To bring attention from one thing to another. Please divert your attention to the diagram here. redirect, avert, pivot stay, remain, maintain Verb
bedrock Solid rock that lies underneath loose material within the crust of the Earth. It was easy to dig until the miners hit bedrock. Noun
relevance The relative relation of something to the matter at hand. I've argued about the relevance of the case. applicability, bearing, materiality irrelevance, impertinence, insignificance Noun
admire To respect, approve, or look up to. I admire my amazing teacher. revere, appreciate, adore despise, dislike, hate Verb
convoluted Overly complex or difficult to follow. Her brother's explanation of algebra was convoluted. perplexing, puzzling, confusing straightforward, simple, intelligible Adjective
perpendicular Crossing or standing at ninety degrees to a plane. A flag pole is perpendicular to the ground. square obtuse, parallel, slanted Adjective

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