6th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 13

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
rationalized Explained; justified. He rationalized the disappearance of his glasses with a wild story about a crow stealing them. excused, accounted for, defended Verb
courageous Not discouraged by danger; brave. The courageous leader showed no fear in the face of danger. bold, daring, gutsy fearful, cowardly, afraid Adjective
apprehensive Fearful about the future. She was apprehensive about following the cat into the abandoned house. anxious, concerned, uneasy certain, composed, confident Adjective
rugged Having strong, rough features. The rugged lumberjack is sitting on a log, eating his lunch. brawny, tough, burly weak, frail Adjective
impede Slow or prevent someone or something from making progress. Smoke will impede your ability to breathe in a burning building. block, obstruct, interfere aid, allow Verb
amended Minor updates made to text. The law was amended to clarify its meaning. revised, modified, corrected Verb
plummet Fall or drop quickly. They threw rocks into the canyon and watched them plummet into the river below. crash, descend, dive ascend, rise Verb
prevalent Widespread or common. Handshakes have become less prevalent since the pandemic. accepted, everyday, normal irregular, uncommon, rare Adjective
hasty Acting with excessive urgency. He was too hasty when he agreed to take on extra responsibilities. abrupt, impulsive, sudden cautious, sluggish Adjective
certainly Without doubt; surely. You're certainly in a grumpy mood! absolutely, unquestionably, definitely doubtfully, possibly Adverb
hefty Mighty; powerful. She slammed the hefty book down on the table with a loud thump. colossal, heavy, robust light, little Adjective
mediocre Not very good; tolerable. Our vacation was only mediocre; it seemed like more work than fun. inferior, ordinary, unremarkable exceptional, superior, unusual Adjective
etiquette Rules or customs that dictate polite behavior in social situations. She showed disregard for etiquette by wearing sneakers to a formal event. manners, politeness, courtesy discourtesy, impoliteness, impropriety Noun
colossal Very large. The pile of presents was colossal and almost completely obscured the tree. enormous, gigantic, huge little, minuscule, tiny Adjective
inflate Fill with gas or air. He was unable to inflate the pool toy because it had a hole. bloat, expand, enlarge shrink, reduce, contract Verb

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