6th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 8

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
discredit Deprive of good reputation. They attacked my character in an effort to discredit me. slander, defame, ruin honor, compliment Verb
scorching Very hot. We ran to the fountain because the sidewalk was scorching under our bare feet. blistering, sizzling, burning cold Adjective
foggy Full of fog. There were several foggy patches along the trail where the mist settled into low-lying areas. hazy, misty, obscure clear Adjective
union A group with shared interests. The union members gathered together for a meeting. association, club, society Noun
deactivate Make something inactive. The robot has started to think for itself, so now we have to deactivate it. decommission, shut down, shut off activate Verb
squashed Flat as a result of being crushed. Sorry, I sat on your hat and squashed it. smashed, pressed, flattened Adjective
barricade A barrier erected across a passage to impede movement. They put up a barricade on each road that led to the settlement to ward off raiders. barrier, fence, roadblock Noun
illustrate Provide a publication with pictures. The artist was thrilled for the chance to illustrate the book. decorate, adorn, embellish Verb
exhaustion The state of physical or mental weariness. At the end of the day, he gave in to exhaustion and collapsed on the couch. tiredness, debilitation, fatigue energy, vigor Noun
battered Worn from hard use. I saw her running down the alley dragging her battered suitcase behind her. flimsy, shabby, decrepit repaired, sturdy Adjective
steep Soak food or tea in water. The tea is bitter because she lets the teabag steep for too long. drench, bathe, immerse dehydrate Verb
chic Fashionable; elegant. She had a very chic, angular haircut that looked like a helmet. stylish, sharp, trendy unfashionable Adjective
ruptured Break or burst suddenly. The pipe froze and ruptured, causing the street to flood. busted, shattered Verb
roar A deep sound uttered by a large wild animal. We could feel the ground shake from the lion's roar. growl, rumble, bellow Noun
allege Claim without proof that someone has done something wrong. If what you allege is true, he used the donated money to buy luxury items for himself and his friends. charge, testify, claim Verb

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