6th Grade Vocabulary Words - List 6

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Word Definition Practice Sentence Synonyms Antonyms Part of Speech Description
mumble Say something quietly and inarticulately. He tried to speak more clearly because his mom told him not to mumble. murmur, mutter, whisper Verb
erupt Give vent to feelings in a sudden, noisy way; burst. We're more likely to erupt into fits of laughter if we stay up too late. blow up, explode, spew Verb
kneeling Getting down on one's knee or knees. They were kneeling on the sand, building a castle. stooping, bowing down Verb
dexterity Skill in using one's hands. I have no dexterity with chopsticks, but I'm determined to keep trying. ability, aptitude, finesse inability, clumsiness Noun
vague Not clearly expressed or understood. We drove out to the middle of nowhere because you gave us vague directions. ambiguous, dubious, imprecise certain, obvious, clear Adjective
harmony Social agreement; accord. My cats live in harmony with my dog because they all agree that naps are better than fighting. conformity, consensus, cooperation discord, disagreement Noun
qualm A feeling of doubt or worry; misgiving. My qualm with her is that she slacks off her responsibilities. doubt, apprehension, concern ease, certainty Noun
liberate Set someone free. We sent our troops to liberate people from the dictatorship. release, emancipate, rescue imprison, detain Verb
linger Be slow to leave or quit something. He wanted to linger in the museum, but it was closing time. delay, dawdle, dally leave Verb
abrupt Sudden and unexpected. An abrupt weariness spread throughout the room after the music stopped. hasty, quick, hurried expected, gradual Adjective
unbelievably In a way that is difficult to believe; extremely. I think dinner with your family went unbelievably well, considering it could have been a disaster. incredibly, remarkably, astonishingly plausibly Adverb
literal Adhering to fact; without embellishment. The literal translation of the word Mexico is "navel of the moon." exact, accurate, authentic unreal, figurative Adjective
yelp A short cry of pain or surprise. They went to investigate a yelp they heard coming from the barn. hoot, howl, screech Noun
defective Broken; faulty. He requested a refund for the defective fidget spinner. damaged, flawed, abnormal perfect, working Adjective
frosty Cold enough to form frost. The bitter, frosty morning made her wish she lived closer to the equator. chilly, frigid, icy hot Adjective

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